Timber Crane with Trailer

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Application and Features


The Timber Crane and Trailer is most suitable for the movement of timber from thinning to clearcutting. It is also well suited for transporting different materials on the work sites.


The Timber Crane and Trailer have proven their productivity and reliability in different applications including but not limited to forest trailers, chippers, road transport, agriculture, stationary use in loading and unloading etc.


The manufacturing process combines state-of-the art technology, carefully selected raw materials and experienced engineers to ensure that the cranes are reliable and productive.


There are 7 primary control lever functions installed in the control panel. The control levers control the actions of all parts of the Timber Crane allowing you to control the grapple, lifting, etc. The functions of the control levers are as listed below.





Log Loading Trailer with Crane 8T
Model ZM8006
Matching Tractor HP 70-80
New Weight (kg) 2400
Trailer TR80
Load Capacity (kg) 8000
Load Area (m2) 2.2
Total Length (mm) 5900
Loading Length (mm) 3860
Total Width (mm) 2200
Frame tube dimensions (mm) 160x160x6
Shaft Journals (mm) φ 38
Without Brakes n/a
Air Brakes in front hubs Optional
Air Brakes in 4 hubs Standard
Tires 400/60-15.5
Crane CR06
Reach Max(mm) 6000
Lifting torque(kNm) 60.9
Lifting capacity (kg)/outreach(m) (without Grapple and Rotator) 990/3, 820/4, 730/5, 680/6
Slewing Angle 400°
Hydraulic system CR06.7
Gear pump CBT-E310FER2 (20L)
Hydraulic valve 750G3
Rotator CLB30
Hydraulic Center O(11HP)
Grapple TG029
Grapping area (m2) 0.29
Weight (kg) 150

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Additional information

Weight 5300 lbs
Dimensions 228 × 84 × 134 in


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